Milton Garden Club History

’48   May 2, 1948  The first meeting of the Milton Garden Club was
held. There were thirty-three charter members. Some programs
noted in the ’48-49 Yearbook included
A Garden of Fragrance and
Color Accent in Foundation Planting. They called themselves

5 Perennials for a Shade Garden and Shrubs for Birds &
were two of the programs. The end of the club year was
celebrated by a picnic.

’50-51   Azalea Circle was added

'51-52   There were three circles—Magnolia, Azalea, Camellia.

'52-53   Landscaped the hospital on Stewart Street. The Collect was
first printed in the Yearbook (a longer version). Saint Mary’s
Episcopal Church Parrish Hall was used for a Garden Center.

'54-55   Planted Crepe Myrtles on E. Hwy 90 between Blackwater
River and the railroad. Also participated in Chamber of Commerce
Christmas lighting project.

‘55-56   Participated in Chamber of Commerce Paint up, Clean up,
Fix up. Anita Spurlock’s name appears which means she must have
joined in ’54.  Beautification--- public gardens, churches, & Lyons
Club Park. Programs, Flowers That are Here.

‘56-57   First Associate member ’57.  Dues $1.50 Active, $2.00

‘57-58   Junior Gardeners were formed. ’57 Betty White and Mary
McKenzie’s names appear. Program—
Beautification of Mailboxes,
Garbage Cans and Clothesline.

‘58-59   Dropped last two sentences of Collect. Landscaped Hwy 90
and Evening Circle formed (no name). Also dues went up - $3.00
Active,  $4.00 Associate.

‘60-61   Planted Dogwoods on Hwy. 90.  Landscaped Court House. ’
60 program—Enjoying House Plants. ’60 Dogwood Circle was named
rather than being called afternoon circle. ’60 Alice Davis name
appears. ’61 Dues  $4.00 Active  $5.00 Associate.

‘61-62   Orange Blossom Jr. Gardeners.     

’62   Twilight Circle named.

‘63-63   Milton beautification  Program--
Hearts and Flowers.

‘63-64   Morning Glory was named.  Program-
Among My Souvenirs-
Use of Accessories & Containers.  

’65   Margaret Conover created new logo for club - shows three

‘70-71   Milton Garden Club has their own building. Reservations for
a wedding $30.00  for 5 hrs. Dues $5.00 Active, $6.00 Associate.

’72-73   75 members! By-laws included in yearbook. Landscaped
Public Health building. Planted parsonage of Mt. Pleasant Baptist
Church. Planted Centenial Oak at Garden Center & landscaped

Somewhere between 71 & 75 we landscaped the grounds of the new
PJC campus on Canal Street.

‘77-78   Planted trees at King Middle School. Field trip to Bellengrath
Gardens - $6.50 total including bus and admission. 103 members on
our 30th anniversary.

‘78-79   Rentals were $50.00  Circle meetings were $15.00 ($5.00
utilities & $10.00 cleaning fee for circles). 110 members. Sarracenia
Circle was formed & held tree sale. Jan Davis created new logo.

‘80-81   Dues $6.25 Active, $7.25 Associate

‘81-82   Dues $11.50 Active,  $12.50 Associate. Planted Chamber of
Commerce Parking Lot & Exchange Hotel. Circle rental charges
were dropped. Landscaped Milton Cemetery entrance.

’84   Landscaped median on Hwy 90. Toured Bellingrath Garden and
rentals $60.00 for a wedding and $ 20.00 for a meeting.

’86   Plans begun to remodel the building.

’88   Rental $100.00 & $15.00 cleaning plus 6% tax.

‘89-90   Rentals $126.00 & 20.00 cleaning,   126 members.

’93   Rentals $127.00 plus cleaning and tax.

’96   Rental $159.00 plus cleaning and tax. Milton declared a Bird
Sanctuary. Dues $20.00 Active & $25.00 Associate.

’98   Flowers for new Milton City Hall dedication. Rental $200.00 plus

2000   Sarracenia Symposium for Arbor Day.

’03   $250.00 Rental plus tax.

’04   108 members. Hurricane IVAN did significant damage to our
building and Circles were forced to find other places to hold their
meetings for over a year.   

’05   $300.00 rental plus tax.

’05-06   Garden District established.



’08-09   Butterfly Garden designed and installed.  First "Birds, Bees,
Bugs and Butterflies" event held.

’09–10   National Garden Club Certificate of Merit awarded to the
Milton Garden Club Cookbook.  The North American Butterfly
Association certified our garden as a National Butterfly Garden.  Five
FFGC Awards presented to our members and our club for
Horticulture Photographs, Revitalizing Brown Memorial Library,  the
Birds, Bees, Bugs and Butterflies Youth Program, MGC Publicity and
the Sunflower Newsletters.

'11  Christmas Tour of Homes established. The first full weekend of
December annually. Features 4 homes and a church with a cookie
reception at the club.

'14  Dogwood circle adopts the Milton Bridal Show as their annual
fundraising event.

'15  Morning Glory Circle rededicated the Blue Star Marker.

'16 Arbor Day Celebration with community partners, Pensacola
Bonsai society, U.S. Dept. of Forestry, and Santa Rosa County

'17 Joined as one club and signed with the City of Milton to share the
building with the Activities center.